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The slopes of Etna. Paradise for sportsmen


Do you think that Etna only offers postcard views and landscapes? You are wrong.
This volcano also offers opportunities for recreation, 365 days a year, for sports enthusiasts.
Inside Etna park, there are numerous paths for trekking lovers, to be chosen based to the degree of difficulty.
There are paths perfect for those who want to take an easy walk and others that are more challenging.

For example, the easiest path is that of Germoplasma: a real sensory journey to discover the Etnean plant heritage, which requires a one-hour walk. The most complex, on the other hand, is the Sentiero Italia, which starts at 1,685 meters above sea level and takes 3 days.
There are also trails taking two, four, five and seven hours.
Most of the trails start from Nicolosi, such as the La Cava trail, the Queen's trail or the Grotta delle Palombe.

The points of interest that wind along the entire surface of Etna are many: the Montagnola, the Silvestri Mountains, the Summit Craters, the lava flow caves, the Valle del Bove, the former Benedictine monastery of San Nicolò La Rena, inside which there is a volcanological museum. The ascent to the summit is certainly the favorite route: it can be done entirely on foot or by using the cable car, off-road vehicles, mountain bikes, horses and, during the winter, skis.

Those who do not want to venture alone can request the support of alpine guides.
Ski enthusiasts, during the winter, can have fun descending along the slopes of the Nicolosi ski areas, located to the south between 1,910 and 2,700 meters, and of Piani di Provenzana-Linguaglossa, to the north between 1,800 and 2,317 meters above the sea.

Regardless of whether or not there is snow, Etna will fascinate every visitor armed with curiosity and desire to have fun.
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