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Fontanarossa Airport, Catania, restarts in a great way: this is the bimonthly overview of the routes planned by the different airlines.

What has the reopening of the borders and the return to travel between regions involved?
While Italians have been officially granted permission to reunite with their loved ones, airports have been given the opportunity to get back on their feet.​
Today, thanks to the resumption of national and international flights, Fontanarossa Airport is changing its appearance.

Which routes are active again in Catania? Here they are as listed by Sicilia in Volo.

Catania Airport: EasyJet flights

The low cost airline EasyJet resumes flying with the Catania-Milan route.
For other destinations, however, it will be necessary to wait until July: The first flight from Naples is scheduled for day 1, while the following day you can arrive from Amsterdam. On day 3 it will be the time for the routes Venice-Catania, Berlin-Catania and Basel-Catania. At the end of the month, it will also be possible to reach the capital of Etna from Nantes or Manchester.

Catania Airport: Ryanair flights

The airline will start again from Fontanarossa on June 21st: the routes from Rome, Treviso, Milan Malpensa and Bologna to Catania are scheduled on that day.
Several international flights are also scheduled, such as those arriving from Marseille (for July 1), Krakow (for July 3) or Budapest (for July 4).


Starting June 5, Air Dolomiti flies to Catania from Florence every Monday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday in just over an hour.

Volotea resumes connections on Catania:

Starting June 18th: Venice - Catania;
Starting June 19th: Ancona - Catania and Naples - Catania;
Starting July 3: Turin - Catania.

Starting 9 June, Alitalia also connects Milan Malpensa to Fontanarossa Airport.

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