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Castel Mola, the village that greets Taormina from above


Welcoming, charming and characteristic: Castel Mola is a jewel of a village overlooking the Ionian coasts of Sicily.
Close, very close to famous Taormina, it greets you from the top of a hilltop pedestal, this little treasure has been able to preserve, century after century, all the charm of the Middle Ages.
The colored brushstrokes of bougainvillea, the green of the prickly pears, the warm nuances of the stone that covers houses and sacred buildings, the blue of the sea with the sheer cliffs and a breathtaking view of the Etna volcano and the Gulf of Taormina transform every corner of this village in a living work of art.
These are some of the reasons why it has been declared one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

A traveler can discover all the attractions of this land by strolling through its historic streets.
Castel Mola offers characteristic views at every step: enchanting pastel-colored houses, from yellow to pink, with doors and windows framed by Taormina stone and the famous “Sicilian tiles” on the roofs. The central square is beautiful, with a mosaic floor in lava stone: here is the Municipal Auditorium, once the church of Sant'Antonio; Piazza Duomo is also beautiful, with the mother church, the result of various alterations and a melting pot of various styles ranging from Romanesque to Baroque.

After visiting the squares, after taking some photos of the Norman walls of the ancient 9th century castle (which gives the village its name) and after having a look at the products offered by the small stores and shops located in via De Gasperi, it is worth stopping at the Caffè San Giorgio. Which was founded by the monks in the eighteenth century and has now been transformed into an inn. Here it is worth trying the famous almond wine with orange essence. And speaking of good things - as well as beautiful things - the “agghiazzate” almonds, covered with sugar and cocoa powder, the prickly pears and the fig and orange mustard are absolutely to be sampled. A treat for the palate.

Romantic and fascinating: Castel Mola is one of those places of which Italy can truly be proud.

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The harmonious unity of the sky with the sea and the sea with the land

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Journey to Italy


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