Discover what to see and do during your stay in Taormina

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Discover what to see and do during your stay in Taormina

Discover the surroundings of Taormina, discover Sicily!

Amidst the majesty of Mount Etna, the magic of Isola Bella and the charm of the Blue Grotto, the marvels of this enchanting part of Sicily are awaiting to be discovered.
The area around Taormina, a marvellous panoramic terrace on the Ionian Sea, offers stunning experiences suspended between sky, land and sea.

From the sky: Castel Mola, a jewel-like village that greets the sea from above with its display of bougainvillea and prickly pears.
From the earth: the majesty of Mount Etna, with its picture-postcard views, thrilling panoramas and a thousand opportunities for trekking and hiking enthusiasts; the Alcantara Gorge, a Sicilian canyon par excellence, with its strikingly shaped walls that reach up to 30 metres in height.
From the sea: the Aeolian Islands, which are sisters, yet all surprisingly different in their colours and landscapes; Catania in Piscaria, a charming fish market.

And so much more to discover, explore and experience: get to know the surroundings of Taormina, discover Sicily!

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And so much more to Discover, Explore and Experience


A land for the soul

The beating heart of Sicilian tourism a place rich in marine marvels historical monuments and postcard views...

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Savoca and Forza d'agrò

The Locations of the Godfather

It was 1971 the year in which American director Francis Ford Coppola shot one of his most famous films...

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Catania and the Pescheria

Discovering the Fish Market

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Aeolian Islands

All the Colors of the Tyrrhenian Sea

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The Slopes of Etna

Paradise for Sportsmen

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Castel Mola

The Village that Greets Taormina from Above

Cosy charming and characteristic: Castel Mola is a jewel of a village on the Ionian coast of Sicily. Close very close to the famous Taorm...

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The Explosive Nature

Etna is the most active volcano in Italy and much of the world. It rises on the east coast of Sicily where it is also called Mungibeddu or...

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What to see in the Historic Centre

To make an exhaustive list of the things to see in Catania would be to undermine the city's artistic and cultural greatness as this wou...

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The Alcantara Gorges

An adventure to Experience

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