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Taormina, a land for the soul


The beating heart of Sicilian tourism, a place rich in marine marvels, historical monuments and postcard views: TAORMINA, a land that has enchanted historians, writers, artists and that every year continues to make travelers from all over the world fall in love. A land for the eyes, a land for the soul.

Getting lost in the narrow streets of the picturesque old town is one of those things to do at least once in a lifetime.
In less than 4 hours of a slow stroll, with proper stops in the typical kiosks, bars and shops, the center of Taormina reveals itself as sinuous and seductive.
Fan in hand during the summer months, the traveler will capture the beauty of the city through Corso Umberto I, with its historical monuments.
It will refresh your view as soon as you set foot in Piazza IX Aprile, with the romantic balcony from which you can gaze at Mount Etna, the bay of Naxos and the ruins of the Greek theater, the most famous attraction in Taormina. The bars, the painters taken to immortalize the magnificence of the landscape, the background chatter that mixes with the sound of the waves: Piazza IX Aprile is a bit like an elegant lounge in the  open-air.

Continuing on further, the traveler will take a dip back in time when his gaze will rest, curious and ecstatic, on the spectacle of the Greek Theater, a place steeped in history and a stage for numerous events - among the most famous is the Taormina Arte and Taormina Film Fest - during the summer period. The theater, according to the studies of some archaeologists, seems to date back to the third century BC, even if in fact its appearance is not Hellenic, but typically Roman. Its dimensions are considerable, so much so that it can accommodate 10,000 spectators. Another Roman theater that is worth a visit is the small Odeon, as well as the Saracen Castle, the Cathedral of San Nicola and Palazzo Corvaia.

What remains to be said? In the evening Taormina changes its face and becomes even more romantic: the lights of the street lamps seize everything and warm the hearts of those who, from the first light of the morning, have fallen in love with this city.

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The harmonious unity of the sky with the sea and the sea with the land

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Journey to Italy


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