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Our Spa:
 your new wellness

Take care of yourself, kindly. Pamper yourself inside the new wellness centre of our hotel in Taormina. Let go of what you no longer need, regenerate your body and mind with our wellness proposals. The treatments and cares are all customized and designed according to your needs. Manicure, pedicure, body, face, hair, make-up, hair removal and massage treatments: our wellness proposal is rich and always adaptable.

In this place of peace, charm and relaxation you will be surrounded by a new atmosphere, cared for and designed to induce a pleasant mental and physical state. At your disposal you will have two Jacuzzi, a Finnish sauna, a Turkish bath and relaxing loungers overlooking the lush Mediterranean garden. Our land of Sicily is sprinkled with magic and beauty: here it will be even easier and more natural to finally take care of yourself in the best way.
Information about the SPA
Hours: every day from 10 am to 9 pm (all day)

Minimum age: 14 years. From 14 to 18 years old, the presence of an adult is required
Hotel guests
Free entrance to the SPA*

Sensory journey: emotional shower with chromotherapy, hammam, Finnish sauna, Jacuzzi

SPA courtesy kit

Relaxation area with herbal tea

*(the entrance lasts for 60 minutes and reservation is required).
External clients
Entrance to the SPA 60 minutes (water path) from 45 €

SPA entrance 120 minutes (Sensory journey) from 70 €: emotional shower with chromotherapy, hammam, Finnish sauna, Jacuzzi

SPA courtesy kit

Relaxation area with herbal tea
Treatments, Rituals & Beauty
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Each treatment room enjoys a splendid view overlooking the sea and the light of a lit fireplace that conveys the right relaxation atmosphere. In a perfect alchemy between wellness and beauty, authenticity and refinement, the SPA of the Grand Hotel San Pietro offers the opportunity to choose from a wide selection of treatments to book as a couple or for yourself.

Some of the treatments we can pamper you with:


Sensory experience
Shower with chromotherapy/Hammam ritual/ Finnish sauna / Jacuzzi / Kit SPA/ Relaxation area and herbal teas
Water path St. Barth
Jacuzzi / Kit SPA/ Relaxation area and herbal teas
Massage for couples
Massage for couples derives from Chinese medicine and draws on the concept of harmony between opposites. Male and female are seen as the two faces of the same coin. This is important to strengthen the physical and mental unity and harmony of the couple, with harmonious and relaxing massages.
Expert relaxation techniques to lead the body to a state of complete well- being. An ideal solution to relieve muscular and joint pain and improve the psychological wellbeing and relieve emotional strains.
Lymphatic drainage
The drainage acts upon lymphatic flow by increasing lymph velocity and absorption capacity. This massage is characterised by slow, light movements. Lymphatic drainage is considered to be an excellent relaxation technique with anti-cellulite effect.
Candle massage
Let yourself be pampered by a light and unique flow of vegetable butters slowly melting, warmed by the flame, touching the skin with their gentle warmth, lessening muscle tension and giving tone and vigour to the body, freeing it from stress and strain allowing a feeling of wellness to take over.
Stretching articular massage
A very incisive method which puts the joints into slight traction to improve flexibility; muscles and tendons are strengthened while becoming more flexible, relieving stress and daily fatigue.
Ayurvedic massage
Purifying massage with scented warm oils, in accordance with Indian traditions where man must be treated in his entirety, to regain harmony of mind, body and spirit.
St. Barth Chill out massage
Purifying massage Exclusive deeply relaxing body massage, performed with hot shells and avocado oil. Gently release tension and eliminate stress, deeply moisturizes and nourishes the skin with precious minerals and vitamins. Executed with fragrance of your choice between a body lotion with the scent of vanilla Bourbon, to tiarè flowers or to the refined flower of the lily.
Hot stone massage
Warm lava stones are placed on the energy areas of the body, this alleviates muscle tension, stimulates blood circulation and helps to re-balance the whole organism.
Prenatal massage
A specific massage that can be done after the 1st trimester, it offers many physical and mental benefits: reduction of hormonal stress, relief of muscle strain, reduction of swelling in the limbs acting directly on the lymph system and preventing stretch marks.


St. Barth Pureness
Facial and décolletage treatments and hand massage. Natural fragrances and Caribbean elixirs will offer profound relaxation. Your face will appear pure and fresh, thanks to the totally natural formulation of vitamin and mineral-rich products, that will stimulate your skin’s cell function.
St.Barth Freshness
Facial and décolletage treatments and hand massage. Enjoy this extremely relaxing and refreshing treatment. The excellent quality of the products is enhanced by the properties of fresh fruit. Your skin will be visibly smoother and firmer.


St. Barth Softness
Peeling massage with coconut oil, fresh papaya and special Caribbean sands enriched with minerals to remove dead cells from the skin. For those wishing to have a smooth, velvety skin.
St. Barth Elasticity
Clay body mask with pineapple and cucumber mousse. Intensive treatment to tone and stregthen the tissues.
St. Barth Sensation
Lavish mask that will feed the skin tissues and make the skin visibly more luminous and smooth. The regenerating effects of this treatment are enhanced by a relaxing massage with anti-aging effect.
St. Barth Harmony
Regenerating and relaxing mask using products mixed exclusively in reply to your specific needs; it stimulates the lymphatic system and improves the elasticity of tissues.
St. Barth Slimness
Leg wrap and massage with a relaxing and decongesting effect. It has a strong draining effect by stimulating the blood and lymphatic circulatory systems.


St. Barth pumpering hand beauty
This gentle hand treatment begins with an exotically fragrant hand bath. Exfoliation with fresh papaya mousse and fine sand then helps to remove superficial dry skin. A hand massage ensures a moment of profound relaxation. Cuticles and fingernails are then pampered and treated.
St. Barth pumpering feet beauty
Foot care for enjoyment and well-being – starting with an exotically fragrant footbath. Exfoliation with fresh papaya mousse and fine sand helps to remove superficial dry skin. A foot massage with gentle pressure provides relaxation and stimulation. Finally, cuticles and nails are pampered and treated.
Semi-permanent nail polish
Semi-permanent nail polish hands and feet Waxing epilation




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We are awaiting you in 2020
with two major improvements.


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The harmonious unity of the sky with the sea and the sea with the land

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Journey to Italy


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Via Pirandello, 50 98039 Taormina (Me)
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