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Unsere Mission

Lindbergh Hotels & Resorts. Our signature. Profound souls, independent personalities that come together, sometimes unexpectedly, to create a refined range.
The flight of the explorer Lindbergh - who united two continents - unites heterogeneity through the lightness of a signature, of a brand.
It binds the properties in one big embrace, made up of atmospheres of absolute intimacy, permeated by the sensation of being at home, even when on holiday.

Special locations conceived for dreamers and created to transform their dreams into travel experiences. From the attention to detail to the excellent food and wine on offer, from the tailor-made services to a staff that is always available to personalise your stay and to help you make the most of our territory, everything is designed to be a microcosm that you can experience.
The hotel then becomes a place to escape from the daily routine and a place where, even when you walk in for the first time, you feel at home. A place where you can experience harmony. A world to live in.
Seven hotels in the Marche, Sicily, Sardinia and Umbria, divided into 3 collections:
The Boutique Collection, 5* hotels for those who love beauty and design, timeless icons. Classics come back to life.
The Urban Collection, for those seeking an exciting journey through nature, art and wellness. Just a few steps from the urban centres. Welcoming projects, dynamic and avant-garde.
Finally, the Resort Collection, properties for those who dream of feeling at home. For an intimate and convivial approach. With the scent of family. Informal, open and bright spaces, to satisfy your desire for a holiday.

In this plurality, the Lindbergh brand expresses inspirational values, which are the common denominator for creating continuity in particularity. It is a stylistic code, the signature of a dreamer, but also of a man who, before flying, meticulously planned his flight.

Personalisation, attention to detail, appreciation of the local area: Our idea of a holiday is based on these cornerstones.


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Ab 1.386€ pro Zimmer


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Wir freuen uns, Sie im Jahr 2020 zu sehen,
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Via Pirandello, 50 98039 Taormina (Me)
Tel. +39 0942/620711 / +39 0721/63071

CIR: 19083097A100225

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